Getting Married?

We are so happy that you are planning to get married. It is a very exciting and sometimes rather busy time and we are pleased to be a part of making your day special and helping you to make the rest of your life together special, rewarding and life giving for you and your family.
Please read the following sections below:
Once you have read this information we would love to hear from you to help you to plan and if you have any further questions.  

Please ring 5182 5117:

The Bare Facts

  • We are happy to marry you whether you have been married before or are currently living together.
  • We need a minimum of one calendar month plus a day to prepare the paperwork for the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.
  • We are happy to marry you in one of our three churches or a venue of your choice. If not in the church then we must ask permission from the Bishop of Gippsland who says ‘yes’ in all but the very rarest of cases.
  • We must use the words from the Anglican Marriage Service. There are lots of choices in the service and we are happy for you to add other readings and additional vows if you so choose.
  • We usually arrange three interviews in preparation for the wedding.
  • We do not expect you to take marriage preparation classes.
  • Our aim is to give you opportunities to think about and enjoy your engagement while planning for both your wedding and your future life together.

Relevant Fees

Fees (subject to change)
$250 Priest
$150 Church
$125 Organist     
$30 Verger (only required at Christ Church Tarraville)
$120 Hall Hire (at Holy Trinity)

Our Venues

Holy Trinity Yarram – total seating 136 (76 seated in nave 60 seated in annex which includes a good views through large open doors and closed- circuit television)
Holy Trinity nave

St John’s Port Albert – total seating 80 (seated in traditional wooden pews)

St John's interior

Christ Church Tarraville (Gippsland's Oldest Church) – total seating 90 (75 seated in traditional wooden pews plus 15 seated on chairs in side chapel with good views)

Christ Church refreshed interior 2016